Newest Product Designs!


Bike Racks

Active Playground Equipment manufactures a wide variety of commercial Bike Racks that fit your needs - and in 22 vibrant powder coated colours. Click on each b...

04 November 2013  /  Hits:2594  /  Readmore

Rope Wall Challenge

The Rope Wall Challenge provides a fun, challenging climbing experience. Recommended for ages 5 – 12 yrs.

15 June 2013  /  Hits:2038  /  Readmore

Spin and Win!

Introducing the Spin and Win!

01 June 2013  /  Hits:1812  /  Readmore

Vine Leaf Crosser

Another new addition to the Nature Theme. This one is called the Vine Leaf Crosser.  

01 June 2013  /  Hits:2180  /  Readmore

Treehouse Climber Panel

Here's a new addition to our Nature Theme of commercial playground equipment. We call it the Treehouse Climber Panel and it's another neat way for kids to get u...

29 April 2013  /  Hits:1962  /  Readmore

Tree Top

These Tree Tops (part of our Nature Theme) are a nice touch for post tops!

27 April 2013  /  Hits:1753  /  Readmore

Hand Rails for Discovery & Xpedition Series

Hand Rails, from our Nature Theme. These work with both our Discovery and Xpedition lines.

24 April 2013  /  Hits:1729  /  Readmore

Leaf Vine Climber

The Leaf Vine Climber is another way for kids to get up to a deck. You can install it at 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” Deck Heights and it works for both our Xpedition...

03 April 2013  /  Hits:1684  /  Readmore

Power Ring Crosser

This is a very neat Climber. The following images show an increase from a 12” Deck to a 48” Deck. You can have a higher spread if you like because the ring plat...

01 April 2013  /  Hits:1735  /  Readmore

Jungle Net Climber

Introducing the Jungle Net Climber. This is a neat way for kids to get up to a deck (instead of climbing stairs). The Jungle Net Climber can be used for both ou...

27 March 2013  /  Hits:2325  /  Readmore

Newest Playground Designs!


Natural Themes & Commercial Outdoor Playgrounds

Here's an example of how Active Playground Equipment incorporates natural play with traditional commercial playground equipment. Some of these items shown are f...

27 April 2013  /  Hits:4265  /  Readmore

Walpole Island Womens Shelter

Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Sharon Scarfone, London Walpole Island Women’s Shelter was looking for a small playground to provide imaginative pl...

01 February 2013  /  Hits:2375  /  Readmore

Travel back to the Past!

Active Playground Equipment Designer: Teresa Rutledge, Mississauga Travel back in the past. See if you can read these Mayan hieroglyphics. Pretend you're an ar...

06 December 2012  /  Hits:3153  /  Readmore

Community Safety Village

Community Safety Village, Toronto, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Patty Crawford, Vaughan Community Safety Village is a compact but exc...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:3379  /  Readmore

Lower Thames Rocks & Ropes

Lower Thames Rocks & Ropes Park, Chatham, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Sharon Scarfone, London Lower Thames Rocks & Ropes Par...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:3487  /  Readmore

Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings Daycare, London, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Sharon Scarfone, London Bright Beginnings was looking for a natural p...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:2861  /  Readmore

Nathan Philips Square

Nathan Philips Square, Metro Toronto, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Patty Crawford, Vaughan Nathan Philips Square was a complicated bu...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:3057  /  Readmore

Children's Aid Society - Themed

Childrens Aid Society Playgroud, Toronto, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Patty Crawford, Vaughan The Childrens Aid Society Playground i...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:4483  /  Readmore

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Public School

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Public School, St Thomas, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Sharon Scarfone, London A colourful, action-packed play...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:2641  /  Readmore

Brickworks Climbing Boulder

The Brickworks Climbing Boulder, Toronto, Ontario Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Patty Crawford, Vaughan The brickworks was an old brick factor...

14 June 2012  /  Hits:2401  /  Readmore


ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We also make ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment for adults! A great addition to parks, trails, or any other outdoor gathering area. Click here to visit the official ActiveFit website.

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First Nations

Active Playground Equipment also specializes in custom designs of First Nations panels. We can design your panel to show the name of your community as well as design unique emblems. Please contact Frank at First Nations Playground Equipment for more information.

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