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We are celebrating Christmas early here at APE by giving away a prize a day from December 11th to the 13th. Send us an e-mail or post on our Facebook page to nominate your local daycare or school and explain why they deserve to win. Pictures of play areas are encouraged. This is an online event only. 

Day 1 Gift is a Checker Board Table (ADA) 
Day 2 Gift is a Toddler Round Table with Seating 
Day 3 Gift is a Natural Freestanding Chalk Board 

Nominations will only be accepted until November 30th, 2017.

Please note: Winners will be announced on the web and social media. Gifts will be delivered to the winners in spring 2018, and do not include installation.


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Latest Playgrounds

Brander Park

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Teddy Bears Picnic Daycare

Teddy Bears Picnic Daycare

Natural Playground Design

Teddy Bears Picnic Daycare Center is a modest sized daycare that was looking to expand its play area in a completely natural finish. Keeping space, landscape and customer design in mind, we were able to achieve a great natural sensory area along with climbing, digging and play features that the children can now enjoy!


 Natural Playgrounds

Walpole Island Womens Shelter

Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Sharon Scarfone, London

Walpole Island Women’s Shelter was looking for a small playground to provide imaginative play for children under 5.

Active Playground Equipment’s Deluxe Play Hut together with the table and chair set, rain wheel and mirror will provide hours of interactive, imaginative play for this age group.



Community Safety Village

Community Safety Village, Toronto, Ontario

Community Safety Village 5 Arched Swing TH

Active Playground Equipment Designer:  Patty Crawford, Vaughan

Community Safety Village is a compact but exciting playground designed for older kids who want bigger challenges.  An Elephant Play Arched Swing is always a favourite and a deckless Active Playground Structure creates a cool challenge.


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ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

APE manufacture's ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment for adults! A great addition to parks, trails, or any other outdoor gathering area. Click here to visit the official ActiveFit website.

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